How can we help you?


Running a small business is never easy, opening a store and surviving is even harder.  There is great joy in my heart each day that I open my doors, straighten the candles on the shelf, sweep the floors, rearrange artwork on the walls.  These past 10 days have been incredibly unnerving because this is uncharted territory for all of us.

If you are a maker/creator/artist in our wondrous state you make money with your craft by selling to your customers in a few different ways - you sell it at the farmer’s markets, craft events, wholesale/consign in a store or sell online.  Not every artist can participate in all of these ways -- cost has a lot to do with our options, and we have all had events and conferences cancelled which is a huge loss of income for many of us.

When I opened my store in the Cottonwood Mall, I was so happy to be able to offer a home to so many artists that I knew.  The Enchanted Sugar store offers the opportunity for artists to make money every day of the year, not just seasonally.  I have been hesitant to move forward with any promotions on social media because I have been asking myself -- is it irresponsible to ask customers to come to my store?  How does a small business stay in business during something like this?

As a cancer survivor I can assure you that I take health issues very seriously and would never want to put my customers at risk.  

Enchanted Sugar is one of several stores in our city that exist because we promote and and sell items we love from local New Mexico artists.  Brotique, The Octopus and the Fox, Nikki Zabicki, The Breaking Bad Store, and the newly opened Sawmill District, all promote your favorite local artists.  How do we move forward day-to-day will depend on what happens at any given moment with COVID-19. 

I am responsible for over 90 artists in my store, I tell them my store is is meant to be a community of artists that work together to promote items that are truly handcrafted in New Mexico.  So, how can we help you?  

Do you want something delivered?  Just ask, and we’ll make it happen for you.  Do you want to order something we can mail?  Yes, please, we would love to take your order.  This is how you help us survive.

I don’t pretend to have the right answer, I want to hear from you, please share your thoughts, we all want to hear you.