Inspiring Fragrances

We are a locally-owned New Mexico company with deep family roots in our beautiful state. Each of our candles is handcrafted in the Land of Enchantment, and we are proud to be 
New Mexico True Certified.

We create our candles with sustainable 100% American-grown soy and organic botanicals, many locally grown. We blend premium, custom fragrances that make extraordinary sweet-smelling candles. No paraffin wax, parabens, dyes or phthalates.

La Luz
The first time I hiked the La Luz Trail was before cancer. After cancer, it became a yearly hike for me, a celebration of sorts as a Survivor. One year I met a woman who was in her 70s, we sat and ate our lunch and she told me she hikes La Luz every Sunday.

"This is my church, this is where I feel closes to God," she said. "Do you climb to the top every week?! She patted my hand and said to me, "well no, that's not necessary, just need to climb every week." Amen to that.

September has always been my favorite month to hike La Luz, right after the summer heat and just before it gets too cold. There is nothing like a great hike to clear your mind, open your heart, and feed your soul. Every twist and turn gives me a glorious new view, and just when I think I can't take another step, I reach the switchbacks and sit and eat the remainder of my fruit to prepare for the elevation climb.

A few years ago I twist my ankle and fell hard on my left hip, it shifted my vertebrae a bit. That year I kept trying to hike La Luz and I couldn't get past the 1-mile marker. I sat and cried and felt sorry for myself, and then I remembered that I WAS ALIVE, a Survivor, what the heck was wrong with me?

Enchanted Sugar was barely a year old, so I took out my phone started making notes of what I saw on the trail. Tall spruce, cedar and pine trees, wild sage, rosemary, geraniums, and tall thorny roses. I went home and after several versions, I created my La Luz candle, and to this day is one of my personal favorites.

I've always thought hiking was a lot like life. Twists and turns, pain and joy, and when everything seems overwhelming and impossible, just put one foot in front of the other, keep going, and remember -- you're alive!

Feed your soul - go hike the La Luz Trail!
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Handcrafted by a local NM artist

Enchanted Fans

You won’t be disappointed by any of Enchanted Candles selection of offerings - there is something for everyone , from the fresh cherry scent of Lobo, the earthiness of Piñon Firewood or La Luz to my personal favorites Piñon Coffee and biscochitos, (which my out of town family cannot get enough of). Not sure which I love more, the candles or the owner.

New Mexico

There is nothing quite like an Enchanted Sugar candle.  I love Lavender & Pinon, but I must have Biscochitos around Christmas -- they are the perfect gifts!


When I haven't been home for a while, I call Juliette and place an order. I don't know how she has created such dead-on fragrances for all the things I love about NM! Pinon Coffee, Santa Fe, and Bosque are my favorites.

New York

I live in Santa Fe, and yes the Santa Fe candle smells just like Santa Fe and is the most beautiful candle ever. I really like Pilar too, especially the story that Juliette shared with me about her great-great-grandmother Pilar who was the inspiration for this candle, it's just so authentic, and she made me cry when she told me the story.

Santa Fe

I really like that the Taos candle is a sage candle!  My family is from Taos and I grew up there, I just love this candle and now that I've moved away, it takes me back whenever I light it.