The Keepers


It’s been a challenging start to the new year. January started with another store’s water heater bursting and our ceiling literally raining water . . . twice within 30 days. 

This resulted in losing a total of 6 days of production and my store had to remain closed for 3 days.  We threw away a lot of finished products and supplies and I've spent a lot of time filing insurance claims, no fun.

Then, Enchanted Sugar’s Instagram was hacked, and I still don’t have access, it appears I will have to start again with a new account. My Facebook is fine and you can contact me there. If you follow me on Instagram, please know . . . I did not buy a Mercedes and I am not selling bitcoin.  I drive a Jeep and if I won the lottery tomorrow, I would buy a bigger Jeep!

For several years so many of my customers have asked for candles with gemstones, and it has taken time to experiment and get the presentation just right. I am starting with two, Rose Quartz and Lavender Amethyst, featuring a pink quartz heart and a purple amethyst heart, which seems fitting for February as we celebrate Love. Stay tuned for new additions throughout the year.

As January ended, please know how thankful I am for all of you. During the worst parts of last month, I sought out friends and mentors that I am blessed to have in my life to have breakfast or just talk with me and it has filled me with strength and given me perspective.

I have worked very hard to create a company that creates joy for others and while doing so I have always strived for grace under pressure. Sometimes I fail miserably at it and sometimes I just need to give myself a break, I have always been good at learning to pivot, and I’ve done a lot of that lately. 

I hope that February fills your hearts with an abundance of Love!  Seek out those friends and family members that care and love you on your very worst days, they are The Keepers.


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